Fascinating Story of Sea Moss | Mother Nature’s Power House

Raw Image of Irish Sea Moss

Irish Sea Moss Sea Moss in general goes back to the BC timeline and has been used extensively in many healing arts such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbalism in various countries around the world. Sea moss in general has saved many nations from famine and drought and has the capacity to feed every eco-system […]


Flax Seeds Chemical Composition and its Vitamins

Flaxseeds are one of the most important oilseeds for industry, as well as in the production of food and medicinal products. Flax seeds contain an oil rich in omega-3 proteins and lignans. In addition to being one of the richest sources of α-linolenic acid oil, flaxseed is an important source of high-quality protein and fiber, which is beneficial for the digestive system when the seeds are used. Flax is also the richest source of saturated fatty compounds and amino acids.


Moringa Oleifera and it’s Chemical Composition

The scientific name of the horseradish tree is Moringa oleifera, a tropical plant cultivated in southern Europe. In some European resorts, tea from the leaves of this tree is quite popular, we decided to find out what kind of plant it is and whether it is really useful. The Moringa oleifera tree was first cultivated in the temperate climate of Greece, the first studies of the plant were also carried out here, and the composition of the leaves are revealed.


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