Squirting Cucumber

Squirting Cucumber, Ecballium Elaterium


Squirting cucumber is distributed almost throughout the territory of the former USSR but is more common in the Caucasus and Central Asia. Grows on garbage places, fallows, near hedges along roadsides and in vegetable gardens.


It is an annual plant of the gourd family. Stem recumbent or ascending, 50-150 cm long. Leaves are cordate-ovate or slightly lobed, crenate along the margin, and ventrally grayish felt. Blooms in June – July. Flowers yellowish, collected in brushes on long peduncles. The fruit is a juicy gourd ripening separated from the stalk.


Medicinal raw materials are the aerial part and roots. The aerial part is harvested during flowering. stems cut into pieces and dried in sunny weather in the shade. The raw material is considered ready if the stems do not bend when bent, but break.


The roots are harvested in autumn, shaken off the ground, washed with cold water, dried in the sun or in a room with good ventilation and dried in a dryer or heated oven, and stored in a closed container for 1 year.



The raw material contains triterpenoids, carotenoids, steroids, alkaloids, organic acids, nitrogen-containing compounds, vitamin C, higher fatty acids and other substances.


Plant preparations have laxative, diuretic, antimalarial, anthelmintic, antibacterial and antitumor activity.


Assign inside with edema, malaria, jaundice in newborns, inflammatory diseases of the liver and kidneys, amenorrhea, hemorrhoids, malignant neoplasms of the uterus, diarrhea, gout, rheumatism, sciatica, neuralgia, colic in the intestines, externally with fungal skin lesions, trophic ulcers, abscesses, inflammation of the nasal mucosa and sinusitis.


Treatment is carried out only on the recommendation and under supervision. doctor.


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