Smooth Rupturewort

Herniaria Glabra, Smooth Rupturewort, Rupturewort, Green Carpet, Herniary Breastwort


It is distributed throughout the European part, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Western Siberia. It grows in dry sandy places, wastelands, meadows, along roads, and on coastal sands.


This is a perennial herbaceous plant from the clove family with a taproot and numerous branched recumbent shoots pressed to the soil 5-15 cm long. The leaves are opposite, ovate or elliptical, small, long 2-10 mm, with short petioles.


The flowers are small, green, nondescript, with a double five-membered perianth. Fruits are single-seeded, non-opening boxes. Blooms in May-August. The fruits ripen in July – September.


The medicinal raw material is grass, the effectiveness of which depends on the purity of the collection, proper drying and storage. It is collected throughout the summer, but it is better during the flowering period, carefully cleaning it from sand and other impurities.


Dried in the shade outdoors or in a ventilated attic. The finished raw material should have a yellowish-green color with the smell of coumarin. Stored in a well-closed wooden container for 2 years.


The plant is poisonous, it should be used carefully. The herb of the smooth hernia contains coumarin, triterpene saponins, flavonoids, essential oil, glycoside herniarin, and methyl ether of umbelliferon.


The plant has anti-inflammatory, diuretic, and spasmodic effects. It is used internally for acute inflammatory processes and bladder spasms, kidney and urinary tract diseases, inflammation of the prostate, and joints.


Acts as a prophylactic against the formation of kidney stones, gout, dropsy, rheumatism, and urinary incontinence at night, to relieve muscle pain after physical exertion in untrained people.


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