Delicious Simple Chickpea Porridge Recipe

Chickpeas Porridge
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Delicious Simple Chickpea Porridge Recipe




Description of preparation

The main secret of this recipe is to pre-soak chickpeas with baking soda in water. Then it cooks faster, becomes softer and easier to digest. Edible (not baker’s!) nutritional yeast is used in the recipe as desired, for a cheese-nutty taste.

You can also add cherry tomatoes to the frying. The porridge turns out to be thick and very satisfying, suitable for a hearty breakfast or as an independent dish for dinner.

Note: The recipe below is for one person


Health Revivify


  • 100 grams chickpeas

  • 1 piece carrot

  • 1-2 piece onion

  • 1 denticle garlic

  • 1 tablespoon nutritional yeast

  • to taste salt

  • 1 teaspoon soda

  • 300-400 ml water



Step 1

Prepare all the ingredients


Step 2

Soak chickpeas in water with a spoonful of baking soda for 6-7 hours.


Step 3

Drain the water, rinse the chickpeas. Transfer it to a saucepan, add water and simmer for half an hour.


Step 4

Cut the onions, garlic and carrots into small cubes, then fry in a pan until golden brown.


Step 5

When the chickpeas are cooked, mash them with a fork. Add frying, nutritional yeast and salt to taste. Boil everything together for another couple of minutes.


Step 6

Chickpea porridge is ready, bon appetit!


Enjoy! 👍



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