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Shilajit in Traumatology

The first serious scientific work devoted to the properties of Shilajit was written by Uzbek surgeon A. Shakirov. He analyzed the restorative properties of Shilajit, in particular, its ability to significantly accelerate the process of wound healing and bone fusion. This scientist was able to prove the benefits of Shilajit and at the same time present research results that prove the effectiveness of Shilajit in injuries and wounds.
Shakirov’s activities contributed to increasing the interest of other scientists in the field of Shilajit composition, and many of them began their own scientific research. At the same time, doctors studied not only the benefits of Shilajit in traumatology and surgery, but also in other medical areas.


The effect of Shilajit on the composition of the blood

For the first time, Shilajit was used for the treatment of thrombophlebitis (Blood Disease) in the last century, in 1970 it was prescribed by Dr. T. Abdurakhmanov to his patients. Only Shilajit was used, without any drugs or other means. The effect of the use of this substance exceeded all expectations. Since then, Shilajit has been actively used for circulatory disorders in the lower extremities.
The course of treatment was 10 days, the daily dose was 0.3 grams at a time. For the first time, patients received nothing but shilajit. After the therapy, appropriate examinations of patients were carried out, during which the doctors found:
  • Already on the third day after the start of Shilajit therapy, the pain began to decrease;
  • Reduced swelling of unhealthy limbs;
  • The general condition of the body has improved;
  • The temperature in the lesion returned to normal by the end of the course, on days 8-10;
  • Other symptoms of thrombophlebitis disappeared.


Blood test results

  • Increase in hemoglobin concentration by 1.0-1.5%;
  • An increase in the number of red blood cells;
  • ROE returned to normal;
  • The leukocyte formula became normal.
Thus, Shilajit has a powerful effect on the hematopoietic system, qualitatively improving the composition of the blood.


Getting rid of chronic colitis when using Shilajit

In his next article, T. Abrudakhmanov shared with his colleagues the experience of curing chronic colitis (Digestive Disease) with the help of Shilajit. The drug was given to the patient in daily doses of 0.2 g for 10 days. The symptoms of the disease, which is difficult to treat, began to disappear already on the 4th-5th day, only in a small number of patients they disappeared only by the 10th day of therapy. Many people who have long been accustomed to enduring the unpleasant manifestations of chronic colitis have a chance for a significant improvement in their quality of life and even a complete recovery. They could not even dream of this before.


The effectiveness of the external use of the Shilajit

A well-known authority in the field of neuropathology, V. Kozlovskaya, first used Shilajit in 1968, using it to restore the functions of the musculoskeletal system, impaired due to neurological health problems. She found that the mummy is great for:
  • neuralgia;
  • Plexites;
  • Neurodermatitis;
  • Radiculitis.
The doctor found out that Shilajit should be rubbed into the affected area for several minutes. In this case, a substance diluted in water is taken. It is advisable to use a light massage together with rubbing. The patient noted a decrease in tension in the inflamed muscle and the disappearance of itching and pain. The remaining signs of the disease disappeared after 3-5 days from the start of therapy. As a result, all members of the experimental group of patients were completely cured.


The effectiveness of Shilajit in gastroenterology

Yu. Nuraliev, conducting experiments on rodents in 1968 and 1970, found that Shilajit significantly accelerates the regeneration of stomach tissues during its ulcerative-dystrophic changes. As a result, it was decided to test the mummy on patients in Kyrgyz clinics under the guidance of leading researchers from the Moscow Medical Institute of Kyrgyzstan. In addition, scientific work in this direction was carried out at the departments of the Leningrad Medical Institute and the medical department of the Tajik University.


Most of the patients were ill for 2-10 years, not hoping for a complete cure. They took Shilajit while in the hospital and used a therapeutic diet. The daily dose of the substance was 0.2 g of Shilajit, taken twice a day in equal portions 30 minutes before a meal. The duration of the course of treatment was 24-26 days.


Patients took Shilajit, dissolving it in 20 ml of water or tea. After 15-20 minutes of the use of the substance, people noted the disappearance of hunger pains. Already a week after the start of treatment, many patients noticed that vomiting, belching, heartburn and nausea had disappeared. By the end of the course, all signs of the disease disappeared. Almost all patients recovered, with no side effects.


Shilajit is a miracle medicine that is effective in the treatment of many diseases. This fact was established as a result of numerous tests and is beyond doubt. You can use it not only inside, but also outside. The use of Shilajit, in addition to curing diseases, is also an excellent prophylactic.



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