Periwinkle, Vinca Minor


Grows in shady broad-leaved forests of mountain belts, in the Baltic and in Ukraine, often bred as an ornamental plant in gardens, and rock gardens.


This is a perennial herbaceous plant of the dogbane family and has a thin horizontal rhizome.


Vegetative stems lying, up to 100-150 cm long, rooting, generative stems erect, up to 30-35 cm high. Leaves opposite, elliptical, with sharp tips, rarely blunt, leathery, shiny, green above, grey-green below.


flowers few, one by one in leaf axils, on long peduncles. blue whisk, five-part. Blooms in April – May.


For medical purposes, the leaves of the plant are harvested. In during flowering, the aerial part is collected and cut off with scissors. Dry in the shade. Keep 2 years.


The plant contains alkaloids with reserpine-like action, flavonoids, bitter substances, glycoside vincoside, and tannins.


Vinca preparations have a calming effect, hypotensive, vasodilating, hemostatic, antimicrobial and astringent properties. Applied orally for migraine, initial stages hypertension, diarrhea, fever, malaria, nosebleeds, lungs, uterus, externally for rinsing with a toothache and inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, lotions with weeping eczema, rashes, skin itching.


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