Fascinating Story of Sea Moss | Mother Nature’s Power House

Raw Image of Irish Sea Moss

Irish Sea Moss Sea Moss in general goes back to the BC timeline and has been used extensively in many healing arts such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbalism in various countries around the world. Sea moss in general has saved many nations from famine and drought and has the capacity to feed every eco-system […]


Amazing Benefits of Sweet Flag and Its Survival in Harsh Environments

Acorus Calamus, Sweet Flag, Sway, Muskrat Root
In quiet backwaters, closer to the shore, in shallower places, you can see bunches of narrow long xiphoid leaves. This is Acorus Calamus or Tatar potion. Distributed in the European part. Central Asia, Siberia, Far East. The water where calamus grows is drinkable. It is a perennial herbaceous plant of the aroid family, reaching a height of 60-120 cm, with a horizontal creeping sinuous rhizome (up to 1.5 m long and up to 3 cm thick) with numerous white stringy roots. Rhizome-covered remnants of leaf sheaths, yellowish-green, almost brown, inside is white with a pink tinge. Leaves are alternate, two-row, bright green, collected in bunches at the ends of branches rhizomes.


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