Age-Free Formula by Markus Rothkranz

Age Free Formula

The Age-Free formula is a potent blend of antioxidants and adaptogens that combat free-radical damage and aging. It features Tocotrienols, a safe and effective source of vitamin E, a complete B complex, ellagitannin, and turmeric, renowned for their powerful anti-cancer properties. Additionally, it contains grapeseed extract, fo-ti, jiaogulan, milk thistle, astragalus, and ashwagandha, all selected for their exceptional qualities. This formula is a powerhouse of the finest ingredients to help you stay youthful and ageless!

Ingredient Percentages:


Ashwagandha 10%
Surpassing even ginseng in reputation, stands as a globally acclaimed herb. This adaptogen offers an invigorating lift while soothing frayed nerves, making it a unique gem. Sharing chemical similarities with ginseng, it excels in stress relief. Effective against both physical and mental exhaustion, it combats stress-induced ulcers and nervous fatigue, bolstering thyroid and adrenal functions. Ashwagandha sparks libido and enhances performance in 70% of men, while its estrogen-like effects halt internal bleeding, excessive uterine bleeding, and hemorrhoids. Addressing a multitude of issues, including depression and fatigue, it rejuvenates tissues, aids muscle and bone health, and supports the reproductive system. Its wide-ranging benefits span memory enhancement, athletic performance, hormone balance, and hypertension control, making it a potent anti-aging herb of choice. Enjoy great sex followed by restful sleep, thanks to Ashwagandha’s therapeutic touch.

Jiaogulan 10%
China’s famed “immortality herb,” packs a mighty punch with 3 to 4 times the saponins of ginseng. This antioxidant powerhouse aids longevity, protecting DNA from aging-induced oxidation. Treasured by Chinese centenarians, Jiaogulan adapts to your needs, offering rest or energy as required. It bolsters immunity, combats stress, and wields anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer properties. A natural plant steroid, it heals from high blood pressure to bronchitis, safeguards the liver, lowers cholesterol, burns fat, soothes nerves, and boosts endurance. In a remarkable study, 300 athletes received Jiaogulan pre-competition, outperforming a placebo group with enhanced vigor, alertness, reflexes, and reduced anxiety. A true wonder of nature.

Fo-Ti Root (He Shou Wu) 10%
Treasured by the Chinese for millennia, this timeless tonic revitalizes the liver and kidneys, purifying the bloodstream and combating premature aging’s telltale signs: graying hair and wrinkled skin. As a potent adaptogenic anti-aging remedy, it renews kidney, adrenal, and hormonal vigor, igniting sexual energy, enhancing mental clarity, and fostering hair growth. It battles eczema, dry skin, and alopecia, while preserving gland function and fortifying blood vessels. Its free radical-fighting prowess shields against UV damage, soothes the bowels, and detoxifies, fortifying the blood and reducing cholesterol and arterial fat deposits. A guardian against tumors, heart issues, and chronic bronchitis, it empowers resilience in cold climates.

Grapeseed Extract 10%
Discover the extraordinary power of OPCs in this incredible natural compound! These super antioxidants pack a punch that’s 50 times mightier than vitamin E and a whopping 20 times more potent than vitamin C. Imagine boosting your blood vessel strength by a staggering 140%, making varicose veins and hemorrhoids a thing of the past. But that’s not all—these OPCs don’t stop there. They wage a relentless war against free radicals, vanquish bacteria and viruses, and even take on cancer. Plus, with its rich magnesium content, it’s a calming elixir for your nervous system. Let’s not forget its knack for rejuvenating your skin, liver, intestines, and kidneys—truly a multitasking miracle!

Astragalus Root 10%
Unlock the potential of this potent adaptogenic vasodilator, your secret weapon against physical fatigue and energy depletion woes. Bid farewell to chronic fatigue, candida, herpes, hypoglycemia, and exhaustion as it rejuvenates your vitality. This remedy is your ally against night sweats and pesky fluid retention. Its remarkable strength even finds a role in cancer therapies. With its vasodilating prowess, it wages war on high blood pressure, promoting circulation and guarding against heart disease. Rekindle your adrenal reserves for boundless energy and restore harmony to your nervous system and hormones. Plus, it breathes new life into your lungs, a savior for respiratory ailments.

Ellagitannin (From Red Raspberry Seed Powder) 10%

Unveil the mystique of this extraordinary substance, whose potency is shrouded in secrecy, to the extent that the FDA prefers its powers remain unspoken. Delve into the depths of information on this enigma. Dr. Daniel Nixon’s research at the Hollings Cancer Institute unveils a remarkable truth—just 40 milligrams of ellagitannins daily (found in a single cup of red raspberries or 2 grams of raspberry-seed flour) can thwart the emergence of cancer cells. Astonishingly, at higher concentrations, it issues a death sentence to cancer cells themselves. But its talents don’t end there; it soothes the uterus, halts hemorrhaging, tackles stomach woes, battles heart disease, and combats ulcers, while relentlessly pursuing yeast, fungus, mold, bacteria, and viruses. It is also Rich in vitamin C.

Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng) 10%

Ginseng, a top-tier adaptogen, excels in multiple health domains. It shields against heart attacks and heart disease, taming high blood pressure, and healing alcohol-induced gastric ulcers and damaged stomach linings. With insulin-like sugar regulation, it aids in sugar control and boasts anti-aging properties, fending off premature wrinkles and skin aging. Its prowess extends to enhancing killer cell activity, countering radiation, heavy metals, and air pollutants. Over the long term, it brightens mental outlook, battles depression, bolsters memory, concentration, and alertness, even aiding insomnia. Ginseng reigns supreme as the stress-busting herb.

It acts as a hormone balancer and aphrodisiac for all genders. For men, it’s a source of testosterone, upping sperm count, supporting adrenal and prostate health, and enhancing nitric oxide synthesis for improved erectile function and cardiovascular performance. Women benefit too, with hormone normalization, guarding against breast cancer, endometriosis, and hormone-related issues. Ginseng mimics estrogen’s effects, preventing vaginal wall thinning after menopause and reducing discomfort during intercourse. It delivers clear antioxidant benefits for women’s cardiovascular health.

Pine Bark (Pycnogenol) 10%

Uncover the potential of this potent bioflavonoid, a versatile ally for your body. It’s a powerhouse that fortifies your entire arterial system, bolsters collagen-rich connective tissues, promoting flexible joints and enhancing brain function. With the ability to double blood vessel strength, it’s a circulation booster that safeguards against collagen damage, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and brain cell aging. Renowned in Europe as an “oral cosmetic,” it stimulates collagen-rich tissues, countering atherosclerosis and supporting joint flexibility. What sets it apart is its unique capability to cross the blood-brain barrier, providing direct protection to your brain cells. This dietary antioxidant is a valuable addition to your health regimen.


Rosemary 10%

Rosemary, a natural powerhouse, shines as an antioxidant and stimulant, celebrated for its anti-aging properties. Its benefits extend to memory enhancement, combatting age-related issues, stress relief, and tension reduction. This herb kickstarts everything in your body, including improved circulation to the head, benefiting memory, hair, and age-related ailments. Its secret weapon is rosemarinic, a potent substance with applications ranging from cancer to Alzheimer’s.

Rosemary safeguards acetylcholine, a crucial memory-related brain chemical, from breaking down. It also provides highly absorbable calcium to combat stress and tension while showing promise against breast cancer. As an antidepressant tea, it soothes and strengthens nerves, aids digestion, invigorates sexual organs, regulates menstrual flow, and addresses low blood pressure, adrenal glands, headaches, vertigo, and dizziness. It even promotes bile production, aiding the liver and gallbladder, and ensures efficient waste elimination, revitalizing sluggish digestive systems. For women battling breast cancer, it’s a highly recommended companion.

Suma 7%

Suma, a potent adaptogen, benefits stem cells and aids weight loss. It supports adrenal health and enhances athletic endurance, hormone balance, and oxygen levels. Notably, Suma promotes stem cell production and elevates white blood cell counts. It boasts the distinction of being the richest herbal source of organic germanium, which activates bone marrow to generate stem cells.

Licorice Root 3%

This natural plant steroid, a true powerhouse, ramps up interferon levels. This, in turn, triggers SOD to create hydrogen peroxide, which turbocharges white blood cells and hormones. It’s a superhero for adrenal function, inflammation reduction, and liver health. Particularly noteworthy is its role in prostate health and combating hair loss as a DHT blocker. It’s your ally in shedding body fat, managing hypoglycemia, and healing ulcers while maintaining healthy intestinal flora and blood sugar balance.

This remarkable compound also shields the liver and jumpstarts aldosterone, a pivotal adrenal hormone. Throughout history, it has been used to address hormone imbalances and a wide array of female health issues, bestowing a sense of well-being and control upon women.

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